Thursday, May 3, 2007

No, gets worse.

I know that doesn't seem possible--I really do. But it is. From The Hill:

Rep. Gary Miller (R-Calif.) helped secure several earmarks in the 2005 transportation bill that would benefit projects of his business partner, Lewis Operating, according to House sources and an analysis of the bill’s earmarks and San Bernardino County, Calif., land records.

In the years leading up to the bill’s passage, Miller’s financial ties to the company, one of the largest privately held real-estate development companies in the country, have grown. The year before the transportation bill passed, Miller borrowed $7.5 million from Lewis Operating to purchase land from it. Lewis Operating Corp. is also one of Miller’s top campaign contributors; employees of the company have donated $22,150 to Miller’s campaign committee since his election to Congress in 1998.

It just gets worse and worse. To make a long story short, Miller specifically earmarked federal money for highway expansion projects in areas of the Inland Empire that, it turns out, will end up serving planned development projects of Lewis Operating--the company in which he reinvested his millions of dollars worth of profit from the land sale in Monrovia which he falsely claimed was due to eminent domain so he could avoid paying capital gains taxes on it.

The corruption in CA-42 knows no limits.

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Andrew Davey said...

Wow. I guess I just can't be surprised at Dirty Gary any more. His sleaziness knows no limits.