Tuesday, June 5, 2007

It's a Strange, Strange World in Mission Viejo

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Strange things happen here in the Land of the OC, behind "The Orange Curtain". I got an email from a friend today. And I just couldn't believe what was in it. Gila from The Liberal OC also got the email, and I'll let her tell you the rest as I'm still a little shocked...

“Today I saw a guy driving down the street in Mission Viejo with two bumper stickers. On the right was one for Earth First and on the left was one for Jim Gilchrist.”

That wasn’t the entire email, but the remainder can be summed up as “WTF?”

What do you think, readers? What causes these two disparate ideas to be adhered to a single OC automobile bumper? Is it the result of confusion, multiple personality disorder, or parking lot vandalism?

Yes, my dear Trash Dirty Gary readers, how can one exactly explain this? Are the far-right Minutemen fans now waking up and smelling the climate crisis? Is environmental consciousness now something that no one can really ignore? Or is this the result of confusion, multiple personality disorder, and/or vandalism, as Gila suggested?

Please help us understand! ; )

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