Monday, April 9, 2007

A Confederate Yankee in CA-42

If you're coming to this site, you probably know about Gary Miller's illustrious acting career, but it wouldn't be a Miller blog without posting the picture from the set of Gods and Generals:

Miller's actually real proud of his appearance as a Confederate officer, he has a whole page of his website devoted to snapshots from the set.

You might remember that other politician who appeared as a rebel officer in that movie. You know, the guy who was unbeatable in his re-election fight last year? On the short list for the GOP Presidential nomination? Born and raised in California?

Does the word "Macaca" ring a bell?

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Andrew Davey said...

Haha! I love it...
Hey, do you think that Dirty Gary may have a great thespian career waiting for him after he gets the boot out of Congress? I mean, since he seems to be more interested in shooting Civil War movies and enriching himself and other developers at taxpayer expense than actually doing the business of the people...

; )