Friday, April 6, 2007

Getting to Know Us... And Gary Miller!

So what do you know about Gary Miller? What have you heard about his "ethically questionable land deals"? What have you seen about his shady tax breaks? What have you noticed about his earmarks? What do you think about his ethics? What do we really know about Rep. Gary Miller?

This blog is here to raise questions about Gary Miller, his land deals, his voting record, and just how well (or poorly) he's serving the people of the 42nd District. And of course, this blog is also here to answer any and all of YOUR QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR MEMBER OF CONGRESS. What exactly is Gary Miller doing (or NOT DOING) for you and for your neighborhood? Go ahead and feel free to tell us about it.

Basically, this blog is for the voters of the 42nd District. This is our chance to examine Gary Miller's real record. This is our chance to hold Gary Miller responsible for his actions. This is our chance to make some change. So where do you want to start? : )

{And thanks to Mike's Daily Lockup for the great photo on top! : ) }


Matt said...

Seriously redistricting reform will make the job easier. We can remove the worst of both political parties.

Removing Orange County and substituting Pomona and Ontario to the congressional district would absolutely tilt the district either Democratic or centrist Republican.

I was once Gary Miller's constituent before the district got redistricted, I am not happy with Joe Baca either. However I would rather have a Joe Baca than a Gary Miller.

Anonymous said...

You're doing us all a great service with this. If we can't get accountability and have real answers to questions then it's got to come from the blogesphere.

This is the new mainstream because the tradional media doesn't take it's responsibility seriously.